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March 2022
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The planned release date is set for May 7th, 2022. We are hoping everything sticks to the schedule so that we can release on time. In April, we will be conducting a beta test to make sure everything runs smoothly before the launch. We will need testers so be looking for a notice for that in April.



There are a lot of new updates since season 7 of Prison. Season 8 will be updated to 1.18 with all the new features it comes with. It was very time consuming to get everything updated but we got it completed. We wanted to be as thorough as possible, so it has been taking us a lot longer to put this update out. We are getting close to completion of it hence why there is this post.

There were lots of major changes and new plugins added to optimize the players experience. New security measures to make the server as safe as possible etc. The biggest thing is, Prison has been turned into an RPG Prison.


Prison Features

The main core of prison has been changed. The blocks in the mines have changed and the mine size has increased by 25%. The pickaxe is now unbreakable and will level up based on block break. Every pickaxe level up will give +1 Fortune and +1 Efficiency. They are no longer obtainable by /pick but through pickaxe level up. The pickaxe can level up to 1000.

Coins are now harder to obtain. Every pickaxe level up, Rankup, 5K blocks mined, you gain 1 coin. The enchants in /pick are cheaper and the coins enchant was replaced to a souls enchant. The cost for the enchants stay the same price, so you won't have to worry about it becoming more expensive. 

Custom enchants have been switched from crazy enchants to token enchants due to availability of its updates and performance boosts. The enchants are generally the same but there is a small chunk of new enchants which we are sure you all will like. 

Crates have been updated to provide better rewards and new crate types have been added.

A lot of prestige challenges and reset challenges have been updated. Every prestige you get a treasure crate key and a skill point. Skill points are used, along with souls, to unlock a reward in the skill tree. There is about a total of 1000 skill points that can be obtained. There will be 3 skill tree types and you will only be able to unlock 1 full tree and half of another, so use those points wisely.

Meteorites is a player rewards system. You can get 1 every hour of playtime and 3 of them per vote. They can also be bought in the store /buy. Use meteorites to /redeem items in game. There are things from cell upgrades to prison boosters.

Cells have been updated with a new cell. The point system have been optimized and now use normal ore blocks to gain points. You get these cell blocks by making a cobblestone ore generator on your cell, going to warzone and mining ores, or getting the ores in the warzone envoy's. There are payouts for those who have cell top, so make sure to be the best.


RPG Features

So here is where we talk about the rpg aspect of prison. The biggest element of the RPG part is Skills Pro. This is where you choose your class and within that, the abilities you can use to fight mobs/players. In order to level up, there are mobs, with different levels, in warzone that will give you class experience and souls. The mobs will sometimes drop good loot too. Each layer of the Warzone gets harder and harder as you go up so be careful because when you die you will drop your items, unless you have the Lives enchant on it. Anything can happen in the warzone, so be aware of what you're about to get yourself into. As stated before, class abilities are used to fight against stronger enemies. In order to upgrade them you need souls, which you can get by killing mobs in warzone or by getting the souls enchant for your pickaxe. It also takes souls to purchase rewards from the skill tree so it is important to get these.

The next part is mcmmo and jobs. Mcmmo has different tasks you can level up, like mining. You can level up mining and get different perks with it. Each task can be leveled up to 1,000. In jobs, you can pick 3 jobs, and in the jobs you can earn experience and points. Those points are used to buy spawners or meteorites. 


Survival Features

Here is where it gets interesting. Yes there is a survival world with nether and end. No, i'm not crazy. Once you have completed every single feature in prison meaning all the prestiges and all the reset challenges. You will be able to claim a reward that gives you a survival world. The only way you can get the survival world is that way alone. That means not many people will have access to it. Only staff and the people who have completed everything. Nothing will carry over from prison only job points. You won't be able to access anything from prison in the survival worlds.

The survival world will be closely vanilla with land claim and a bunch of other small features. There is no economy system because there will be a player trade system used. You will be able to setup a trading outpost to trade with other players, and you will be able to setup player warps so that players can warp to your trading post. 

There will also be vehicles for the survival world and you will also be able to buy spawners using job points. 



In conclusion, the features that I have talked about above are just the biggest updates. There is so much more that I didn't get to write about. I'm excited for the release and can't wait for you all to try it out when it releases. Thanks for reading the whole post and I will see again with another post soon! Have a great day!


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